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It's very nice to eat --- erm-- meet you!



Sculptures by Heather Jansch

Her Website

Oh sweet Jesus, there is one of these at the Portland Airport and you don’t know how long I’ve been wondering what the fuck it was and where the fuck it came from. I am 99% sure now that it is one of hers. Fucking thank you.

↛ The one who will lead Mordor’s armies in war, the one they say no living man can kill. THE WITCH KING OF ANGMAR. You’ve met him before, he stabbed Frodo at Weathertop. He is the Lord of the Názgul, THE GREATEST OF THE NINE.

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Strictly featherbent

Featherbent Karkat
Featherbent Terezi x
Featherbent Gamzee x
Video x

I am fucking screaming

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MADS MIKKELSEN as Harald in Julie (2005)

episode one // two // three // four

He’s a-coming.

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i asked my grandma to name all the SSB characters haha she’s wild :’)

are you okay?

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